Cash Management - Why Open a Somnium Cash Account?

Somnium Financial Planning has partnered with Akoni to help you easily manage your cash via their award-winning platform. With access to interest-bearing accounts from an array of highly-rated banks, you can earn more interest and reduce risk without the hassle of multiple accounts. Put your savings to work today!

With interest rates extremely low, Somnium Cash could be the right choice for you, giving you access to a variety of interest-bearing accounts from a selection of highly rated banks.

Our efficient service will do the groundwork for you, giving you the tools at your fingertips to enable you to pick the best cash products for you. Our secure online service will guide you through the steps, so you can be confident that you’re getting the most out of your money.

Get Started:

Why not get started today and:

  • Find the best interest rates to suit your needs

  • Use our intuitive deposit planner to find the best rates

  • Make multiple deposits with a range of banks; all in a few minutes

  • Manage everything in one place. It couldn't be easier

  • A hassle free platform - wave goodbye to the paperwork

  • One simple form to get started. Then that's it. No more forms

  • Earn up to 10x more interest on your cash

Somnium Cash on Laptop   somnium cash on mobile

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We retired over 12 years ago after 20 years of running a busy consultancy the profits of which were steadily and successfully invested through Mark and his father before him.

Around the time of our retirement, Mark’s advice enabled us to...

Mr & Mrs Ch, Berkshire (February 2024)

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